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'EU nonsense!': New EU speed limiters set to launch in UK are 'assault on freedom'


The new limiters are expected to be launched in the UK from July 2022 despite already leaving the European Union. The technology will sound audio and visual warnings to a driver when they break the limit and can be overridden when they are first launched.

Others have claimed the new tools could lead to “serious accidents” and potentially fatal accidents as drivers cannot quickly escape from danger.

Reader WorldWatcher said drivers may not be able to take “a proactive action” to avoid crashes themselves and queried who would take responsibility after accidents.

He said: “Ignoring the fact that the UK Government is allowing the EU to interfere in yet another point of UK national interest

“My question is will this ‘speed limiter’ be the cause of serious accidents including deaths?

Reader Norfolk Boy added: “I shan’t be replacing my car now.

“Well before it wears out I shall have given up driving. So I will never be subjected to this EU nonsense.”

Bryan Powell added: “Can you imagine the Italians telling Ferrari to fit a speed limiter or the Germans to fit Porsche with a speed limiter it’s not going to happen.”

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