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EU members could threaten Britons with quarantine if UK fails to lift travel restrictions


A travel expert has warned the EU has included a “caveat” within the bloc’s plans to reopen for British travellers. Individual European members states have been granted the right to impose quarantine restrictions on incoming Britons on arrival if the UK authorities demand the same of their citizens. The expert told BBC viewers that the move could see many of the EU countries on the UK travel amber list introduce coronavirus quarantine measures of their own.

The travel expert told BBC News: “In terms of the EU countries involved in that journey they have indicated that fully vaccinated Brits will be allowed into the EU.

“Once they have their own digital health certificate system working.

“And that there will be a date coming quite soon that we will be able to enter.

“But there is a caveat to that,” she warned. 

The expert explained: “Because if you read that EU information carefully it says that individual countries have a right to say if the UK government won’t let our citizens in without quarantine.

“Which will be the case for all the amber countries on the list at the moment.

“Then there are within their rights to put their own quarantine in place in response.

“Basically trying to say this has to be unilateral it has to be a unilateral agreement between the EU, all of those countries and Britain.”

He added: “You should only go to a red list country or an amber list country if you have exceptional circumstances.

“The purpose of the green list is that we have looked around the world at the countries where we think that it is safe to travel.

“Both from the point of view of having no or very very low variants of concern and a low case rate.

“Just as we have here in the UK.”

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