Embarrassing moment Sunak dodges Matt Hancock hug as Tory MPs congratulate Rishi

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Rishi Sunak appears to have snubbed Matt Hancock after the new Prime Minister in waiting avoided shaking hands with the disgraced former health secretary while others rushed to congraulate him. As the former chancellor arrived at the Conservative Party Headquarters for his first televised address as the leader of the Tories, dozens of his supporters jeered and went to hug him. But Mr Sunak’s former fellow cabinet minister Mr Hancock, who was sacked after photos were released of him breaking social distancing rules by engaging in sexual behaviour in the House of Commons, was filmed being ignored by the future resident of Downing Street. The snub was spotted by Britons as the broadcast went live to the country, with some joking that Mr Hancock got “completely blanked”. 

Britons struggled to contain themselves as the former health secretary looked on at the Prime Minister in waiting. 

One user wrote on Twitter: “Matt Hancock getting blanked by Rishi Sunak and looking like a kid at Christmas who’s had a disappointing present is today’s highlight.

Another wrote: Rishi Sunak just ghosted Matt Hancock live on TV,” while someone else said: “Rishi Sunak totally blanks Matt Hancock.”

And a spoof account of Larry the Downing Street cat wrote: “Matt Hancock won’t be holding his breath for a spot in the cabinet…”


After pulling up in his car on Matthew Parker Street in Westminster, Mr Sunak descended down a line of his supporters at the foot of the Conservative Party headquarters. 

He shook hands and hugged several members of his team, smiling as he prepared to address the nation in his first televised address. 

But Britons watched on as the former health secretary appeared in the background, eagerly clapping for the man whom he had backed for several months for the Tory leadership, only to be entirely ignored when the future Prime Minister reached him. 

Mr Sunak shook the hand of one politician before reaching past Mr Hancock and hugging another supporter. The former health secretary, who had been smiling as the new leader approached, appeared briefly overcome by disappointment at the snub before attempting to smile again. 

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