Elon Musk taking over Twitter 'would amount to effectively a declaration of war on' our regime: Journalist

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Revolver News journalist Darren Beattie revealed just how high the stakes are surrounding Elon Musk’s potential Twitter takeover Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

BEATTIE: … I think he needs to understand exactly what he’s getting into. He’s stepping into the war zone in a way that he might not even be able to imagine at this point. As you point out, the entire regime depends on holding a total monopoly over what Elon rightly calls the global public square. Anyone who threatens that steps into territory that is not a normal financial realm. Twitter is not a normal company. The question of who controls Twitter is far more consequential than, say, who controls Home Depot, even though Home Depot is vastly larger as a company. And so Elon needs to be prepared for what’s coming. It would be one of the few things that is not fake and not performative. It would amount to effectively a declaration of war on our corrupt and illegitimate regime. 

I think … it’s very easy to underestimate the stakes here. The stakes of who controls the global public square are vastly more than the meager $30 billion that Twitter is allegedly worth. The stakes of who controls the global public square [are] more important even than an electric car company. And in fact, I would say winning the political battle in the West is … just as relevant to the future of human civilization [as] even space travel, because after all, we’re bringing our memes to space. 



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