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E10 petrol: Drivers complain of 'shocking' fuel economy from the new fuel


Just weeks after E10 petrol was launched onto forecourts across the country, some drivers have found that their fuel economy has gotten worse. Following its release, the Government said that E10 petrol can slightly reduce the number of miles motorists can drive on a gallon of fuel.

They said drivers may see a reduction of around one percent, but it is unlikely to be noticeable in everyday driving.

Other factors have a much more significant impact on fuel economy than using E10 petrol.

This could include the driving style, driving with under-inflated tyres or driving with a roof rack.

The new fuel, which is made from up to 10 percent renewable ethanol, is the Government’s latest move to reduce vehicle emissions.

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Despite this, some drivers have experienced issues with the new fuel.

Twitter user, Miss Sherlolly, said: “The new E10 fuel is absolute cr*p as well.

“I have a hybrid and the change in its fuel economy on E10 is shocking!”

Another user, Victoria, claimed: “A shift from E5 to E10 may increase the overall fuelling costs for petrol cars by 1.6 percent.

“The energy content of E10 fuel is less than that of E5 which can slightly reduce your car’s fuel economy.

“Some tests have shown it to be a nine percent decrease in efficiency.”

As a result of the fuel changes, E5 petrol has been renamed super-unleaded, which was expected to cost around 10 to 12 pence more per litre than E10.

Although car owners using E5 will get marginally better fuel economy, the additional cost in buying it could put a strain on drivers.

This comes as the UK deals with a fuel shortage.

Many forecourts across the country have been experiencing shortages of petrol.

This has led to numerous queues outside petrol forecourts with drivers looking for fuel, with the Government placing blame on the ongoing shortage of HGV drivers.

Some forecourts have taken the decision to put a cap on fuel to prevent panic-buying, including Asda and their £30 limit.

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