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Dyson Black Friday 2021: What deals to expect from this years sale


Dyson makes some of the best vacuums, air conditioners, heaters, and hair tools on the market, using top of the line technology to create high-quality products that last for years. With the high quality of Dyson products comes an equally high price, which makes the possibility of Black Friday Dyson deals even more appealing.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a weekend-long global sales event that originated in the US and takes place the day after Thanksgiving, with major discounts being offered online and in-store at most major retailers.

This year, the Black Friday sale starts Friday, November 26, with most businesses continuing the sales over the weekend and finishing the following Monday – which is referred to as Cyber Monday.

The proximity to the festive season makes this sale extremely popular with savvy shoppers, as they can ensure they’re ticking off their Christmas shopping lists with some steep discounts.

Does Dyson participate in Black Friday?

Yes, Dyson has confirmed that they will be participating in Black Friday this year – but they haven’t given us any hints just yet beyond that. Dyson keeps pretty tight-lipped about its sales, presumably to drum up interest with the mystery – and it’s working.

While they have a dedicated Black Friday page ready to go, there isn’t any information on the page beyond the fact that they have a sale planned.

If you’re determined to snag a discounted Dyson this year, we recommend bookmarking this page for ease of access on the big day.

What Dyson Black Friday deals can we expect in 2021?

As Dyson is stocked at so many different retailers in the UK, including John Lewis, Currys, Very, Argos and Dyson, the potential for big discounts is big – as all of these retailers are enthusiastic participators in Black Friday.

As the potential deals could be spread across so many retailers, you’ll really need to make sure you’re ready to work quickly and check on the websites consistently over the course of the weekend to ensure you’re not missing anything.

Based on their popularity and what we’ve seen in previous years, we’re expecting a decent discount on the:

Discounts on Dyson hair tools and fans are extremely rare, so we wouldn’t hold our breath that they will be included in this year’s sale, unfortunately.

However, last year Dyson gave away a free stand with the purchase of all Dyson Supersonic Hairdryers – so we’re expecting a similar offering on those products this year.

Is Dyson doing any early Black Friday deals?

No, they arent – which we can only assume means that’s because they’re saving the really good deals for Black Friday.

If you really can’t wait for the sale to start, you can take a look at the Dyson outlet and see if there’s a refurbished Dyson that piques your interest.

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