Dorries stuns Rachel Johnson as she warns 'all hell will break loose' with PM Rishi Sunak

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Nadine Dorries warned Rishi Sunak will push the country towards a General Election if he becomes the next Prime Minister. The former Chancellor, the frontrunner in the Tory leadership race, appears on track to become the next leader of the Conservative Party after Boris Johnson pulled out of the race at the last minute on Sunday. But Ms Dorries, a staunch Johnson supporter, warned that Mr Sunak – if elected – will not have a mandate from either the British people or the Conservative grassroots.

When asked if Rishi Sunak will have to call a General Election, the former Culture Secretary told a stunned LBC’s Rachel Johnson: “I don’t think he’ll have a lot of choice, particularly if there’s a coronation. 

“If Rishi becomes automatically Prime Minister by Tuesday, I think all hell will break loose because he has no mandate from the people. 

“Now, he’s lost every election that he’s gone up for, so he lost the [summer’s] leadership election with Liz Truss, he hasn’t won this one. He won’t have gone to the members for a vote. 

“And I think it will be very difficult for him to sustain the pressure not to go for a General Election – he has no mandate whatsoever to be Prime Minister of this country.”

Ms Dorries said: “Now, Tony Blair handed over to Gordon Brown who’s been in charge for a very long time.

“We got away with it with Liz Truss because we could cite the Gordon Brown-Tony Blair case. 

“I don’t think that the country would accept having another Prime Minister who has no votes from the people being in post on them. 

“So, I do hope there is a vote that goes to members. If it doesn’t, then I fear we will very quickly be in General Election territory.”

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With more than 165 supporters backing him, the former Chancellor appears poised to win the Tory leadership race after he lost this summer’s race to Liz Truss. 

Liz Truss’ resignation after a chaotic 44 days in power and Boris Johnson stepping out of the race have cleared the way for a decisive victory for Rishi Sunak who now faces Penny Mordaunt. The leader of the House of Commons has lagged behind both candidates, with only 25 Tory MPs backing her.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson withdrew from the race, claiming he reached the threshold of 100 MPs supporting him to qualify for the race.

Though he claimed he is “well placed” to deliver a victory in the next General Election, he acknowledged his nomination as the head of the party would further divide the Conservative Party and be a distraction from the country’s challenges.

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