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Donald Trump lashes out at Biden in latest interview – 'He’s Bernie Sanders on steroids'


Speaking on Newsmax TV on Tuesday, Mr Trump gave mixed messages about the Biden administration as reports have emerged of a possible restart on Trump’s border wall construction operations. Mr Trump both blasted and hailed the sitting US president during the interview, both condemning Mr Biden while also stating that the border reconstruction project was “good news.”

On Monday, it was reported by The Washington Times that Alejandro Mayorkas, Security Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, was considering adding to the wall, amid a surge in immigration to the country.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order which ended taxpayer support to the project as one of his first acts in office back in January.

Mr Trump said: “A lot of damage was done, we were gonna have that wall almost complete, it was delayed two-and-a-half years because of lawsuits.

“If they’re going to complete it, it’s a great thing, that’s a very positive step.”

Last month, Mr Biden assigned Vice President, Kamala Harris, with tackling immigration at the nation’s southern border.

Mr Trump also criticised Mr Biden during the interview on ‘American Agenda’ and questioned whether the 78-year-old was able to perform the job.

“I hope he’s well, I hope everything’s fine from that standpoint, physically and mentally,” said Mr Trump.

He added that the “full time” job of being president was incredibly demanding, saying: “It’s 50-hours a day, it’s a lot of work.”

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“We’re doing better than any other country in the world right now,” Trump said.

“And that’s because of the foundation we built economically.”

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