Dog owners issued horror warning as 'perfect storm' set to put pups at risk

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Bonfire Night falls on November 5, but people are increasingly setting off fireworks in the weeks leading up to the day as they celebrate other holidays including Diwali and Halloween. Niki French, Dog Trainer at Pup Talk and Author of STOP Walking Your Dog labelled this time of year the “perfect storm” for dogs traumatised by noise, as just loud noise can be “hard to an anxious dog to handle”.

People are advised not to walk their dogs, distract them with white noise and distract their pups on Bonfire Night.

But Ms French said dogs can feel the effects for days after.

She said: “The problem with loud noises happening night after night is our dogs don’t get enough time to recover.

“It can take 72 hours for their raised levels of stress hormones to fall back to normal levels. It makes them even more sensitive to noises over the following days.”

Jo Sellers from Pippin Pets Dog Training said dogs can here “double” the spectrum we can.

She added: “Put more into context, general conversation is about 60 decibels, a hairdryer is 90, and fireworks at 150-175 decibels, are louder than a jet engine.”

Speaking on the impact they have Ms Sellers continued: “Fireworks are unpredictable and there is no warning to them happening.

“Thunder can be distressing for dogs too but here, there is normally atmospheric pressure changes and changes to light, even before the lightning strikes, that pre-empt what can happen.

“There is no such warning for fireworks.

“Many dogs can just be genetically anxious, and to add sudden deafening sounds to their world can tip them beyond their threshold of coping, and become very fearful indeed.”

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Ms French from Pup Talk echoed these views adding that fireworks should only be available to buy to organisers of licensed displays in the hope it would reduce the volume of fireworks displays have a “positive impact” on animals.

“It’s also great to see the increase in lower noise fireworks, available in some of the major supermarkets,” she added.

PBS Pet Travel, a UK-based firm that specialises in organising the safe transport of animals agreed, saying they should be licensed or banned unless used at a public event.

A spokesperson added: “The stress and anxiety fireworks can induce can cause real issues and in some cases physical harm.”

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