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‘Deathloop’: It’s campy and the mechanics are good, but nothing more than that


At the start of “Deathloop,” Colt finds himself on the wrong end of a machete pointed at his chest. Holding the weapon over him asking “Why can’t you remember!?,” is Julianna, a woman who savors taunting Colt throughout his journey. Julianna barely lets him plead his ignorance before stabbing him in the chest. The scene then cuts to the early morning where Colt wakes up amid several empty bottles on a beach. Standing up and making his way inland, he sees messages written in white letters hanging in the air in front of him, “break the loop,” then soon after, “who are you?” Making his way to a metal door fixed along a rocky cliffside, he opens it, heads down a flight of steps and sees another message hanging in the air, “it’s me, I’m you.” The short passageway opens to another room where, positioned over a desk, is a map with notes and pictures tacked on to it.

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