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Dark comedy ‘Physical’ is a deliciously sour cocktail of sweat, tears and female aspiration


Then reality hits. She first needs to learn all she can about aerobics from Bunny (a frustratingly underutilized Della Saba), the creative but financially struggling owner of a studio at the mall, where she furtively lives with her part-time pornographer, full-time surfer boyfriend Tyler (a soulful Lou Taylor Pucci). Sheila also needs to contend, at least somewhat, with the fact that exercise and body issues affect women differently, like plus-size Greta (Deirdre Friel), a fellow mom at the day care who’s revealed to be the wife of Danny’s biggest donor (Ian Gomez). Needy, friendless and convinced her husband’s cheating on her at least partially because of her weight, Greta forces the misanthropic, walled-off Sheila into the fitness-instructor role she’s least suited for: emotional caretaker.

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