Dangerous overcrowding at Manston asylum centre 'done deliberately', Roger Gale claims

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Sir Roger Gale discussed the conditions for migrants at the Manston asylum centre. The British politician claimed that the majority of the facilities such as catering and medical were good. But explained that there were currently simply far too many people there and that the situation should never have been allowed to get that way. Sir Roger Gale claimed that it has almost been developed deliberately.

Mr Robinson said: “The chief inspector said that he thought the conditions were dangerous and that the conditions in which some people were being held left him speechless.

“Is that a view you share?”

Sir Roger Gale told BBC Radio 4s Today Programme: “I don’t entirely share the inspector’s view.

“The food and catering facilities are excellent for care on the part of the people looking after people is good.

“The medical facilities are excellent!

“There are simply far too many people there and this situation should never have been allowed to develop and I’m not sure that it hasn’t almost been developed deliberately.”

Mr Robinson added: “Deliberately, why?”

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Sir Richard Gale said: “It appears… I was told that the Home Office was finding it very difficult to secure hotel accommodation.

“I now understand that this was a policy issue and that the decision was taken not to book additional hotel space.

“Now Nick that’s like driving a car down a motorway, seeing the motorway clear ahead, then there’s a car crash and then suddenly there is a five-mile tailback.

“The car crash was the decision not to book more hotel space.”

Home Secretary, Suella Braverman has come under fire for the worsening of the living conditions at the Manston asylum centre.

Protests broke out inside the centre a few days ago due to the living condition.

Journalist Robert Peston wrote on Twitter: “There is a full-scale political crisis for the home secretary Suella Braverman and new PM Rishi Sunak in the failure to prevent the Manston migrant processing centre being totally overwhelmed by asylum seekers. Here are the important facts.”

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He added: “Both Suella Braverman and her predecessor Priti Patel rejected advice from home office officials to book hotel accommodation to cope with the surge in asylum seeker numbers illegally crossing the channel.

“They did this because they believed this was the way to put pressure on their officials to find a way to speed up the processing of asylum applications.

“Braverman has never booked hotel rooms. Patel booked such rooms for a period but then stopped many months before resigning as home secretary.

“Braverman and Patel will be pressed by opposition parties to explain why they refused to follow home office recommendations when Grant Shapps did take home office advice and started to book hotel rooms in the few days he spent as Home Secretary.

“Robert Jenrick has revived the booking of hotel rooms in just the four days he has spent as immigration minister. I understand Shapps signed off the use of between 10 and 12 hotels.”


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