‘Cyclists should carry insurance!’ Drivers react to chaotic first weekend of Highway Code

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Many drivers were incensed at the actions of some cyclists who rode down the middle of the road after the Highway Code changes came into effect on Saturday. Express.co.uk readers vented their fury at the amendments designed to protect vulnerable road users.

The idea that cyclists should carry insurance in case of collisions with drivers was one that proved popular.

‘MissingEUalready’ wrote: “Cyclists are a dangerous breed and should carry insurance like other road users.”

‘Snigelfart’ agreed, adding: “They should also be identifiable by a number plate so that they can’t just b**ger off when they cause an accident.

“Soon there will be another set of rules to cover electric scooters – heaven help us!”

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‘DavidD4’ took umbrage at what he felt was a lack of road skills by some bike riders, saying: “Bikes need to be within the law as well a lot do not have lights or bells horns they do not signal their intentions they go through red lights without looking.”

‘Lelly’ agreed, adding: “They always did. Nothing has changed there.”

‘Crimpersal’ concurred, writing: “And you don’t know they are coming up behind you on the pavement either until they whizz past you nearly taking you with them.

“ One small step to the side and you could be knocked for six! Why do they not have bells nowadays?”

Cyclists did find some voices defending them on road safety, however.

‘Panama Jack’ wrote: “99 percent of bike riders probably have a car, pay road tax, have done their test probably more recently than most, are generally fitter and more able to react.”

While ‘Guest1066’ added: “Look folks, don’t blame cyclists, blame the planners. For far too long (they) have ignored the need for more cycle routes and now shoving a cycle lane where there isn’t room.

“Get cyclists and motorists at each other’s throats is what they’re doing.”

But reader ‘Bill Jackson’ found most support with his own list of laws for cyclists.

He wrote that in his version of the rules cyclists must:
– take a practical and a theory test
– have third party Insurance
– wear Hi-Viz and carry an identification number
– maintain a minimum distance of 1,5M from other vehicles
– be restricted to roads with a maximum speed limit of 30mph for safety reasons
– must not cycle on footpaths
– give way to pedestrians and must not harass them
– obey the Lights. Red does not mean go and nor does Amber


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