Couple left horrified after neighbour poured urine through letterbox over parking row

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A couple have been left horrified by their neighbour’s payback after a row over a parking space led to him pouring urine into their home through their letterbox. The pair, from Hampshire, caught the moment their neighbour poured urine through their letterbox and smeared cat faeces on their car on CCTV. The parents, who we have decided not to name, claimed the disagreements came over a parking space after their friends began parking in the “communal space” that would infuriate their neighbour.

The parents decided to set up a doorbell camera whilst they went away on holiday in August and couldn’t believe what they found on their return. 

At around 1am a man could be seen walking onto the property holding something in a tissue.

The man then places what’s in the tissue on the back of the woman’s car, before apparently smearing it.

Then, just minutes later, another man, who the pair say is their neighbour, walks up to the house with a tissue in his hand, too.

He then throws the tissue, which also appears to have something inside, on the doorstep. A little more than two hours later the said neighbour returns holding a bottle in gloved hands.

He appears to open their letterbox and pour the liquid inside the home – seemingly unaware of the doorbell camera. When the pair came across the footage, they quickly asked family members to go around and check over their property.

They were said to be met with the smell of urine. The parents believe the urine poured through their letterbox was human due to it being in a water bottle, while the faeces appeared to have come from a cat.

The mum said: “Before we went on holiday I had just got a new car and I said to my husband ‘I don’t trust him, I want cameras up’. While we were on holiday I woke up at 7am and looked at my phone and was horrified to see his face. We could see that he was tipping liquid through our letterbox but we had no idea what it was – whether it was petrol or something – no idea. It turned out he was putting urine through the letterbox and cat poo everywhere – he put it on my car and the doorstep and he’d even gone round to my back gate and put urine on my bins as well.

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“He was picking up bits of cat poo and moving it and then picking it up again and moving it somewhere else and this went on for hours. It spoiled days of our holiday because I was feeling physically sick seeing what he was doing to our house. Our daughter and son-in-law cleared it up for us and they were steaming the floor but I had to throw out my rug because it stunk of urine. We were so upset. I think he’s absolutely disgusting. I feel quite intimidated by it all. I’d love him to be moved because it’s just not nice to have to see him daily. It’s put me on edge.”

The pair say this comes after other “strange” things have happened to visitors’ cars after they parked in the “communal” spot.

They say that police visited their home and viewed the footage but emailed weeks later to say they wouldn’t be taking the case any further, as the neighbour’s actions weren’t “criminal”.

A spokesperson for the Hampshire Police said: “Both parties have made allegations against one another about their behaviours, and police have spoken to all involved with suggestions of how to resolve this matter.

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“Police viewed CCTV which showed a tissue being wiped on a car and a liquid being poured around the front door area of a property. Police have inspected the car and the property and there is no damage, or evidence that the behaviour meets the standard for criminal prosecution.

“No further criminal action is being taken in relation to this incident. Neighbour disputes can be very complex, and police will take further action if a criminal offence is identified.

“We will also make efforts to engage with all parties and any other key partner agencies to try and resolve the issues, through mediation for example.

“Neighbour disputes are often civil matters. Further advice and guidance on resolving civil neighbour disputes, including exploring mediation, can be found on the government website.”

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