Council tax map: How some unlucky taxpayers pay nearly £1000 more than their neighbours

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Even the closeby and highly sought-after expensive boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham have cheaper rates than Richmond, coming in at £1,196 and £1,331 respectively for band D properties.

Outside of London, the huge disparities can be still be found across England.

In Dorset, one of the most expensive council tax areas in England, the disparity with Devon Council means homeowners just 0.5 miles apart – a 10-minute walk – face a difference of £200 a year.

A property under band E in Woodroffe Meadow in Lyme Regis will cost you £2,741.10 in council tax.

While two roads away in Barnes Meadow, an East Devon property, the same home in that band would set you back £2,578.80 per year – £162.3 cheaper.


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