Council tax: Britons who take in Ukrainian refugees could get £1,000 council tax discount

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The Government incentive applies to people who have a second home, to encourage them to welcome Ukrainian families. Furthermore, people who welcome a family from Ukraine into their sole residence will still be able to claim their single occupancy discount worth 25 percent.

Kind-hearted Britons intending on helping Ukrainian families who come to the UK won’t be penalised when it comes to Council Tax.

Refugees Minister Lord Harrington has made some important legal changes to protect people looking to help Ukrainian families by offering them a place to stay.

Anyone who offers them refuge in their second home will have their Council Tax bill halved, The Mirror reports.

The MP has also put legislation in place to assist single occupancy households.

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This £350 payment is tax free and doesn’t affect someone’s Council Tax bill.

Some 20 million Britons are due a £150 Council Tax rebate this month which will be paid to households in bands A to D.

Most Britons will be paid automatically, however anyone who doesn’t have a direct debit set up could face delays.

Councils are encouraging people to set up direct debits now to make the process easier and quicker.

While millions of people can expect a £150 rebate, more than half of local councils (89 out of 151) are increasing council tax by 2.99 percent this month.

People should have received a letter from their local council with their new charges.

Many have been left shocked by the higher bills which couldn’t come at a worse time.

Anyone who hasn’t received their new bill can check the Council Tax levels set by local authorities in England 2022 to 2023.


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