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Cleaning hacks: The unlikely beauty item that will leave your hob 'glistening'


What other things can I clean with shaving foam?

Shaving foam doesn’t just work to clean kitchen appliances, though, the product can also be utilised to scrub away unwanted stains in your carpet and even leave mirrors sparkling.

Simply spray shaving cream on carpet or upholstery, allow it to dry, and then blot clean or vacuum up to remove stains.

This hack is also said to work on stained car seats.

In an Instagram post, TV cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie hailed the beauty product for its stain-removing skills.

She said: “Shaving foam isn’t just for shaving, it is also a great inexpensive cleaner that works brilliantly around your home.

“I first discovered its brilliant uses when I accidentally dropped my mascara wand on new carpet, panic set in and it was the first product I grabbed from the bathroom cabinet.”

Shaving foam can also prevent your mirrors from misting up and provide a streak-free finish.

For best results, lather foam onto your mirrors, leaving for one minute and then wipe down with a clean dry towel.

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