Cleaner's 'full washing machine clean' guide takes three and a half hours

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Lucy is a mum and cleaning aficionado, who keeps her home sparkling and uses her social media to show others how.

The cleaning, home, motherhood and lifestyle Instagram, TikTok and YouTube influencer and been sharing her tips for three years.

She has explained “full washing machine clean” routine.

Lucy described a “total washing machine clean” and outlined some of her favourite products for the job.

Lucy drains the bottom pump drain on the front of her Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine.

She puts a cloth on the floor before draining the two valves on her machine and removing any debris in there.

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One these jobs are done, Lucy uses Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner. She loads the cleaner into the drawer and runs a cycle on the machine.

While the cycle is running, Lucy sprays The Pink Stuff disinfectant spray on the outside of the machine, rubbing it down with a cloth.

The mum explained: “It took me one hour in total and then a two and a half hour wash for the Vamoosh to work.”

She went on: “Vamoosh is available in Aldi and B&M and it also dissolves hair at 90°.”


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