Chilling photos show Texas communities devastated by wildfires that burned 50 homes

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An outbreak of wildfires around several small Texas communities has burned at least 50 homes, killed a sheriff’s deputy and left a trail of charred vehicles, ash-filled homes and seared grass.

Several wildfires merged to form a complex that continued to burn Saturday near Eastland, about 120 miles west of Dallas. Gov. Greg Abbott declared a disaster in the 11 counties hit hardest by the wildfires that were fueled by several months of dry weather and high winds.

The Eastland County Sheriff’s Office said the fire killed Deputy Sgt. Barbara Fenley, who was going door to door, getting residents to evacuate their homes Thursday.

“With the extreme deteriorating conditions and low visibility from smoke, Sgt. Fenley ran off the roadway and was engulfed in the fire,” the sheriff’s statement said.


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