Why NASA's Mars missions will be silent for weeks

NASA is standing down from commanding its Mars missions for the next few weeks. While the Earth and Red Planet are on opposite sides...

AI used to predict which animal viruses are likely to infect humans: study

Artificial intelligence (AI) could be key in helping scientists identify the next animal virus that is capable of infecting humans, according to researchers. In...

MIND diet associated with lower risk of Alzheimer’s, cognitive decline, study says

While cognitive decline is a natural part of aging, researchers say they have a discovered a diet associated with better cognitive functioning.In a...

Bat bites and rabies: What to know

An Illinois man died this month after being bitten by a bat in the state's first human case of rabies since 1954.The Illinois...

N95 respirators could reduce hospitalizations from wildfire smoke: study

N95 respirators could offer robust protection from wildfire smoke, researchers say.According to an August study in the AGU journal GeoHealth, the regulatory standard...

Florida man captures hissing alligator using trash bin in wild viral video

A Florida man became a viral sensation after he was seen capturing a hissing alligator Tuesday using his military training … and a...

US officials say ivory-billed woodpecker, over 20 other species extinct

Death’s come knocking a last time for the splendid ivory-billed woodpecker and 22 more birds, fish and other species: The U.S. government is...

NASA: 'At least 5 fireballs' reported over US

There were reports of at least five fireballs over the U.S. last week. NASA CONFIRMS MARS REGION HAD THOUSANDS OF ANCIENT VOLCANIC ERUPTIONSIn a...

Mars images show Perseverance rover at work

New images from NASA show the Perseverance Mars rover hard at work as it searches the Red Planet for signs of ancient microbial...

California aquarium, agencies work to develop sea otter tracker

NASA is aiding in the effort to humanely track sea otter populations. The agency's Ames Research Center in California's Silicon Valley is working to...

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