‘Returnal’: It really stressed me out, man

“Returnal” makes us reconsider the influence that Souls games have exerted on the industry. Its severe difficulty level does a disservice to its...

Wrestling with the complexities of music, art and reparations

McCarthy’s book is a fascinating addition to the literature that shows an involved, first-rate mind at work. But if you are looking for...

A portrait of George Washington: Ambitious, meticulous, petulant, elitist

By Andrew BursteinAndrew Burstein is the Charles P. Manship professor of history at Louisiana State University. He is the author of 11 books on...

In helping her daughter bloom, a mother changed perceptions of autism

Park, a Radcliffe-educated writer, lived in Williamstown with her husband, David, a physics professor at Williams. On July 20, 1958, their fourth child,...

He’s been hailed as Rwanda’s hero. But is he really his country’s villain?

A British-based journalist with more than two decades of experience covering Africa, Wrong acknowledges that she, along with other Western commentators and historians,...

Philip Hoare’s examination of Albrecht Dürer takes readers on an entertaining, digressive ride

Taking his cue from biographer Erwin Panofsky, who considered the whale incident one of the most important in Dürer’s later life, Hoare finds...

A blow-by-blow history of the Obamacare wars

Jonathan Cohn goes behind the scenes, including relaying Joe Biden’s surprising advice.

How our social networks drive disasters, from financial panics to the coronavirus

In a neat trick of homage and appropriation, Ferguson zeros in on three trendy disaster metaphors in particular, each coined by a lesser-known...

Sally Thorne’s ‘Second First Impressions’ is full of cracking attraction and cackling laughs

As soon as you turn the last page of this modern romance, you’ll be fighting the urge to flip back to page one.

How the Senate’s antitrust chair would take on monopolies

Klobuchar is a skilled politician and excellent storyteller, so “Antitrust” is full of colorful characters (and old lithographed cartoons and pictures to match),...

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