What Is China Evergrande and Why Is It In Trouble?

Hui founded Evergrande (formerly called the Hengda Group) in 1996 in the southern city of Guangzhou and expanded the company through massive borrowing....

Inflation: How to spend less — or even make more money — as prices...

“Inflation has been a surprising and unwelcome guest seeming to persist at an elevated level at a time when we’re all hoping to...

U.S. pursues a unique solution to fight hackers. It revolves around esports.

The program hopes to groom cybersecurity specialists with real-time competitions to better fight hackers.

Israel’s Gang Violence Has Become Endemic

Other Arab lawmakers, such as coalition member Mansour Abbas, have not ruled it out as a last resort. Of  course, crime-fighting alone is...

As Merkel Exits, Here’s Why It Matters Beyond Germany

The fragmented vote in the September election, with the SPD winning the most seats and the conservative bloc dropping to second, is forcing...

Reversal on Daily Aspirin Shows Medicine’s Weak Spot

When doctors recommend untested remedies to healthy patients, they sometimes get the “better safe than sorry” equation mixed up.

The truth behind Twitch’s leaked ‘do not ban’ list

On Twitch, bans and suspensions carry higher stakes than a simple timeout. When streamers’ channels are disabled even for a handful of days,...

For a New Global Climate Deal, All Eyes Are on COP26: QuickTake

While many European countries have increased their climate aid, the U.S. hasn’t kept pace. At the UN on Sept. 21, Biden doubled the...

Your Black Friday Bargain Is Stuck Somewhere in the Pacific

This year’s shopping holiday may be boring, as supply shortages and increasing costs force stores to cut down on promotions. 

Dubbing movies and TV is the next frontier for machine learning and AI

“We have the technology to fill a big gap,” said Oz Krakowski, chief marketing officer of deepdub, a Dallas- and Tel Aviv-based start-up...

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