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Car thief begs for first aid after being bitten by police dog – 'he won't forget this!'


He was recorded headbutting the police car door in agony just moments after receiving the animal bite. The thief then begged officers for first aid just moments after he was stopped for possibly stealing two cars.

“However, we will take you to hospital and they can look at it.”

After the thief asked for an ambulance, PC Dorrin added: “It doesn’t work like that.

“You’re not a fit person to be in an ambulance, you’re getting a van.”

They added: “We have reason to believe that you were the driver of that car.”

He was also found guilty of having no insurance and no driving licence.

PC Dorrin added: “It’s one thing being found in hiding.

“But to be bitten on the nuts it will be a lasting reminder for him.

“It might make him think twice before he runs off. We will send a dog in.

“He won’t forget this day for a long time.”

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