California boy missing for two years was living with 61-year-old teacher

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A teacher in California has been charged with hiding a teenage boy after his family reported him missing two years ago. Michael Ramirez ran away in June 2020 aged 15 and spent two years living with 61-year-old Holga Castillo Olivares, a teacher and also the mother of his girlfriend.

Mr Ramirez reportedly ran away after an argument with his aunt and uncle over their strict rules.

Ms Olivares also allegedly lied to police when questioned about Mr Ramirez’s whereabouts, his aunt has claimed.

He returned home earlier this year, but the relief for his family turned into anger when they found out where he had been living.

Ms Olivares has been charged with the detention of a minor with the intent to conceal from a parent(s) and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

She is due in court on Monday afternoon in Sacramento.

It is not clear if she ever taught Mr Ramirez directly, although she is still employed by the school district.

His aunt, Katte Smith, told news outlet KCRA: “There are no words that can really explain how you feel when you have a missing child.

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The Sacramento city unified school district released a statement confirming that Ms Olivares is a district employee.

It said: “The charges filed are for acts unrelated to the employee’s assigned duties.”

The school district added that Ms Olivares has been placed on administrative leave while the district investigates the charges against her.

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