'Burn in hell': Families confront Parkland school shooter Nickolas Cruz in court

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Theresa Robinovitz, the grandmother of victim Alyssa Alhadeff, who was among the victims in the 2018 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, told the killer: “I’m too old to see you live out your life sentence, but I hope your ever-breathing moment here on earth is miserable and you repent for your sins Nikolas and burn in hell.”

David Robinovitz, the slain 14-year-old’s grandfather, refused to address Cruz by his name during his statement, only calling him “Parkland murderer”.

He said: “Parkland murderer, there’s going to come a day – it could be a week from now, it could be a month from now, it could be 40 years from now – you are going to die. 

“When you die, it is my fondest hope that they take you and burn you and take your ashes and throw them in the garbage dump. 

“You know why? Because garbage to garbage. And at that time Parkland murderer it is my hope that you go somewhere to meet your maker of whatever it is and Parkland murderer I hope your maker sends you directly to hell to burn for the rest of your eternity.” 

Cruz mostly stare forward when shown on camera during the victim’s statements.

Earlier in the hearing, Deborah Hixon, widow of Chris Hixon, the school’s athletic director who was gunned down by Cruz, said: “After today, I don’t care what happens to you. You’ll be sent to jail, you will be getting your punishment. You’ll be a number and for me, you will cease to exist,” she said. “You wanted to see the families suffer – well, no more. We will not just survive, we will thrive and we will honor Chris and the other 16 beautiful people that you took from us with positive action and wonderful memories.” 

Natalie Hixon, Chris’ sister, told Cruz: “You will die as nothing because you are nothing.” 

After a month-long trial to decide if Cruz should get the death penalty, a jury recommended he serve a life sentence without possibility of parole last month. The majority of jurors voted for him to get the death penalty but three jurors had voted against a death sentence, which in Florida cannot be issued unless it is unanimous. Broward County Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer must abide by their decision and she is expected to issue a formal sentence Wednesday.


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