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Bull shark viciously bites man leaving leg with ‘sheets of flesh hanging from it’ – video


As blood began to spill from Boontem Singsura, colleagues quickly rushed to help him as the shark sunk its teeth further into his leg. The 55-year-old was moving three bull sharks at the Kung Kraben Aquaculture Demonstration Facility in Thailand when he was attacked.

The sharks needed to be relocated due to low tide and the officer sat on the 10-year-old animal’s head to keep it under control.

When Mr Singsura waded into the water, the shark panicked and lashed out at his leg where it took a bite of his flesh.

Terrifying footage shows blood seeping from his wound and instantly turning the water red.

Quick-thinking colleagues immediately stepped in and pulled the man out of the water, knowing that the smell of blood could send the sharks into a feeding frenzy.

Manas Kongsri, a colleague of the victim, explained that they were trying to orientate the shark into another part of the enclosure when Mr Singsura put his weight on the shark’s head before it attacked his leg.

He said: “We thought the shark would be familiar with our presence because we once performed CPR on it and also put an oxygen tube in its mouth. Then this happened.

“It was terrifying. I would not dare go into the shark pond ever again.

“Boontem’s wound was also big and the blood just kept on flowing out from his leg.”

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