Brixton crash and shooting victims identified as drill rapper Perm and Deliveroo driver

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The drill rapper Perm and a Deliveroo driver have reportedly been identified as the two victims of a car crash and shooting which took place on Railton Road in Brixton on Sunday. The Metropolitan Police said two cars were driving at high speed when one of them smashed into a moped and some cars parked nearby, before an occupant of one car tried to flee and was shot by a gunman from the other car.

The car containing the gunman then fled from the scene.

The man died at the scene, while the moped driver, thought to be working for Deliveroo, died of his injuries.

Both victims were in their twenties, with the Met saying there is no evidence the shooting victim was a target.

Dean Whyte, Perm’s father and a boxing promoter, posted on Instagram: “RIP my boy, daddy loves you.”

His tribute was shared by heavyweight boxer Dillian Whyte, a close friend of Perm’s father who had been promoted by him.

Deliveroo said: “This is an incredibly tragic incident and our hearts go out to the friends and family of those who have lost their lives.

“We are as shocked and saddened that such awful events can take place in one of our local communities and we have offered to support the police however we can.”

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Last week a total of four people were killed in shootings in London, with another incident in Ilford leaving two men dead and a third injured.

Until July 19 this year there had been no gun-related deaths in the capital since October 31 2021.

In 2021, there were 12 fatal shootings of a total 134 homicides recorded by the Metropolitan Police, reported Sky News.

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