Britons urged to ‘seriously consider’ financial position – 5 tips that could help

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This can include the likes of subscriptions, debts, credit deals, which could potentially be reduced by exploring other options through a price comparison website, if they can’t be cut entirely. 

Ask for help

In the current economic climate many are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory, and it’s entirely okay to ask for advice in times like these. 

Mr Reay shared: “If you’ve missed a payment or are worried about missing one in the future, talk to your bank or financial service provider as soon as possible.  Several government organisations and charities can also provide help and independent advice about managing money, including Citizens Advice, AdviceUK, National Debtline, and StepChange Debt Charity.”


Investing can be a daunting topic for many, but as millennials and Gen Z invest earlier than their parents did, there’s never been a better time to broach the subject. 

Investopedia found that 54 percent of Gen Z adults, aged 18 to 25, already hold some kind of investment compared to 31 percent of Millennials who were investing before the age of 21. 


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