Brit Hume: Administration isn't doing enough to solve migrant crisis

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Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume reacted to migrant buses heading to Washington, D.C., on “Special Report” Wednesday.

BRIT HUME: It is, in a sense, a publicity stunt. It’s probably no accident that they were dropping the migrants off just outside our bureau in Washington. … Convenient, right? And I wonder how many other news organizations will really cover this event. Obviously, the intention is to shame the politicians in Washington, particularly in the administration, who seem unwilling or unable to do anything to really stop the flow of migrants across the border. Now, with Title 42 about to be lifted, even though they’re leaving other pandemic-related restrictions in place, they have a case. They have a strong case because I think the sense people get in this country is that these migrants are pouring across the border illegally. They’re staying here indefinitely and this administration is not trying to do very much about it at all.  



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