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Brazil variant warning: Fears mutation will get 'out of control' – scientist raises alarm


The senior US epidemiologist said has given a warning to the world about the aggressive new Brazil variant of the deadly coronavirus vaccine. The Brazil variant, referred to as the P1 strain, is “more contagious, up to 2.5 times faster” than the original COVID-19 strain that originated in Wuhan, China. Harvard epidemiologist Doctor Eric Feigl-Ding said the new variant was also “maybe more severe, and maybe has reinfection potential”.

He added that the Brazil variant “is driving a horrible coronavirus crisis in Brazil” where the variant originated.

Speaking to Express.co.uk the Harvard epidemiologist warned the Brazil variant is “one crisis we all needs to pay attention to”.

He added that the “unprecedented Brazil surge of the P1 variant” has seen overloaded hospitals and sharp mortality spikes.

Then, Doctor Feigl-Ding warned: “If a more contagious version of the Brazil variant gets out of control worldwide and then we are all endangered.”

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“Stay vigilant and let’s not make this pandemic any longer.”

Now the global community is taking notice of the Brazil variant.

Brazil has suffered more deaths from coronavirus than any country outside of the United States.

The World Health Organisation warned Brazil to take the new variant outbreak within its borders more seriously.

Two weeks ago head of the World Health Organisation Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: “If Brazil is not serious, then it will continue to affect all of the neighbourhood there and beyond.

“This is not just about Brazil.

“It’s about the whole Latin America, and even beyond.”

The Brazil strain could even reinfect people who have recovered or received a vaccine for the original coronavirus pathogen.

Speaking to The Washington Post about the nature of the P1 Brazil variant, scientist Roberto Kraenkel said: “This information is an atomic bomb.

“I’m surprised by the levels found.

“The media isn’t getting what this means.”

He added that the new variant means, “an accelerated phase of the epidemic, a disaster”.

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