Boris Johnson on a plane back to UK as he readies to stand for PM in spectacular comeback

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Boris Johnson, who is expected to stand in the Tory leadership contest, is flying back to the UK today. A source told “Boris is on the plane now. He is the one candidate who can save the Tories now. It may not be a coronation but he is coming home to be Prime Minister again.”

An MP added: “The king over the sea is returning.” has been told that the former Prime Minister is “taking soundings” on making a comeback. He believes it is a matter of “national interest”.

Members of the European Research Group (ERG) of Tory Brexiteer MPs have all been messaged asking for their support for a comeback by the former Prime Minister who was ditched over Partygate just last month.

His long-term ally Jacob Rees-Mogg has started calling MPs on the right in what is understood to be pathing the way for a Johnson comeback.

ERG members have not come to a collective conclusion yet because of the pace of events and are understood to be considering their options.

They could end up looking to a unity candidate like Ben Wallace or a rightwing candidate like Suella Baverman.

But Bring Back Boris supporters now believe he is the one option to save the party from extinction.

A petition organised by the Conservative Post has already got more than 20,000 Tory members to sign.

Meanwhile, former party Treasurer Lord Cruddas who pushed the Bring Back Boris campaign over the summer said that MPs have no choice but to return to the former leader.

He told “The Conservative Party is being ripped apart in a frenzy by politicians without a mandate.

“They removed Boris without good reason and now they have done the same to Liz Truss, both leaders were elected by Conservative Party members.

“This is anarchy of party members and sadly for the 14 million people that voted for Boris and the Party in the last election.

“Now Truss has been removed the only way to avoid a General Election is to bring back Boris.

“Anybody else that leads the party into a general election will not have the members mandate and will cause the biggest defeat for the Party since John Major! It will take a generation to recover if at all. They are destroying the Conservative Party!”

Mr Johnson, who is currently on holiday in the Caribbean, is understood to be flying home today.

Nadine Dorries, one of Mr Johnson’s most loyal allies, threw her weight behind the former Prime Minister, saying: “One person was elected by the British public with a manifesto and a mandate until January 2025.

“If Liz Truss is no longer PM there can be no coronation of previously failed candidates.

“MPs must demand return of @BorisJohnson – if not it has to be leadership election or a [general election].”

Meanwhile, Conservative MP Michael Fabricant told the Daily Express Mr Johnson is “a known winner and has legitimacy”.

He added: “Without him, the clamour for a general election will grow”.

Many Red Wall MPs are pushing for a Boris Johnson comeback.

Dudley North MP Marco Longhi said: “The only person who has a mandate from the general public, is Boris Johnson MP. He is the only person that commands that authority given to him by the public at a General Election.

“A ‘coronation’, a leadership election by MPs only, would be unacceptable to me so the only person who can discharge the mandate from the people is Boris.

“When Boris left, the Conservative membership wanted different candidates to the ones that MPs selected – that is clear. Time and time again MPs seem to fail their electorate and it is the electorate that must be served in a real Democracy.

“I am calling for Boris to come back, he has my full support, just as he had it before. It’s in the national interest.”

However, some MPs have expressed doubt on the likelihood of Mr Johnson’s leadership campaign succeeding.

Tory MP Sir Robert Syms described his leadership bid as a “fantasy”.

He added: “The number for nomination will be lifted to limit runners and there will be massive pressure on the 2nd candidate in MPs ballot to drop out”.

Another Tory MP told ITV: “If Boris Johnson came back I’d resign”.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats hit out at the Conservative Party in the wake of MR Johnson’s announcement, saying: “The fact that Conservative MPs are considering putting Boris Johnson back in Number 10 shows how out of touch they are.

“They think there’s one rule for them and another for everyone else.

“The future of our country should be in the hands of voters, not the Conservative MPs.”

Liz Truss resigned as Prime Minister earlier today, after just 44 days in office.

This makes her the shortest-serving UK Prime Minister in history.

Announcing her resignation at 13.30 today, Ms Truss said: “I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected”.

A leadership election will take place, to be completed within the next week.

Ms Truss confirmed she will “remain as Prime Minister until a successor has been chosen”.

The outgoing Conservative leader was confronted by the influential backbench MP Sir Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 Committee, earlier today and warned she had no choice but to resign.

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