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Registration is a legal requirement for every boiler in operation so Michael Baldwin was most concerned when his Gas Safe engineer told him of the unexpected and lengthy struggles he was having. Michael got his new heater in January. “It’s a safety necessity I must have,” he told Crusader. “Should I wish to sell my property any buyer will need to have it too.

“My engineer says he can’t get through on the phone or online. Neither of us can understand what’s going on. When I tried I was directed to get my engineer to call them, so we’re going round in circles. I don’t think I’m alone either in having this problem.”

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Fortunately Crusader had a swift and positive response when we took up Michael’s difficulties getting the certificate with the body that’s responsible, the Gas Safe Register.

“We have now been in contact with the Gas Safe Registered engineer and can confirm that the notification has been made and a certificate will be with Mr Baldwin within the next 10-15 days,” responded a spokesperson and explained:

“We have recently upgraded our IT systems, and the online notification is now fully functioning. This means that all our registered engineers can now notify new boilers, as well as other gas appliances, without any challenges.”

As promised Michael was contacted and after he thanked us, saying: “Am very relieved they listened to you, great work Crusader.”

Gas Safe Register’s advice for boiler owners

Once a Gas Safe engineer has notified the Register, it will inform the owner’s local authority. They will then receive their Building Regulations Compliance Certificate in the post in 10 to 15 working days.

Because the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate belongs to the property in which the appliance has been installed, owners must make sure they keep their certificate safe.

It will come in useful if they sell their home or decide to re-mortgage. For example, if a new boiler has been installed, the certificate confirms that the boiler has been installed correctly and safely at the property.

If you’re a homeowner, it’s also your responsibility to ensure the Building Regulations are adhered to by making sure your engineer makes the notification about the installation.

Owners can contact Gas Safe Register both to check their engineer has done that for their appliance and, if needed, order a replacement certificate.

If the Gas Safe registered engineer hasn’t done this within 30 days, contact them and ask them do it as soon as possible. In the case of any problems, email or contact your local authority’s building control department.


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