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Read more: Foreign money secretly floods U.S. tax havens. Some of it is tainted.

Listen: A tax haven in America’s heartland

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Reporting by Zoeann Murphy, Debbie Cenziper, Whitney Shefte and Salwan Georges. Design and development by Gabriel Florit. Additional editing by Ziva Branstetter, David Bruns, Matthew Callahan, Brian Cleveland, Courtney Kan, Bronwen Latimer and Jesse Mesner-Hage.

The Pandora Papers is an investigation based on more than 11.9 million documents revealing the flows of money, property and other assets concealed in the offshore financial system. The Washington Post and other news organizations exposed the involvement of political leaders, examined the growth of the industry within the United States and demonstrated how secrecy shields assets from governments, creditors and those abused or exploited by the wealthy and powerful. The trove of confidential information, the largest of its kind, was obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which organized the investigation. Read more about this project.

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