Home Entertainment Between 9/11 and Jan. 6, fundamental shifts and deep fractures

Between 9/11 and Jan. 6, fundamental shifts and deep fractures


Osnos laments how these individuals — and many others we meet — lead lives greatly isolated from people outside their constricted worlds, creating damaging fissures in American society. On occasion, Osnos can show parallels in their experiences, such as when Skowron, Clark and Muller all face imprisonment and, in the cases of Skowron and Clark, release. But here, too, paths diverge. A regretful Skowron can evangelize about the immorality of pursuing a fortune on the backs of vulnerable Americans while still living off the flush bank account that survived his hefty Securities and Exchange Commission fine. Clark, meanwhile, can barely find a job with a felony conviction on his record. Moreover, the house that his mother so proudly purchased to gain a foothold in the American Dream becomes an albatross when the monthly payment on her adjustable subprime mortgage — an instrument enriching Skowron’s Greenwich buddies — doubles, leading to eviction.

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