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Best supplements for runners – the four supplements to take to improve performance


Supplements are an easy way to ensure you’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need for your body to function properly, no matter who you are. If you’re a runner, you need to be fit and healthy to run at your best and ensure your body repairs properly. Express.co.uk reveals the four supplements YOU should take to improve performance when running.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important supplements for runners because the vitamin is essential for bone health and calcium absorption.

If you’re deficient in vitamin D, your bones could weaken and you may develop bone deformities.

As a runner, it’s important to keep your bones healthy to avoid stress fractures and injuries.

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The symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency – lack of energy, general aches and pains, muscle weakness, frequent illness and infections – will hinder your running performance.

According to the NHS, most people get enough Vitamin D from the sun between March and the end of September.

However, from October to early March in the UK the sunlight doesn’t contain enough UVB radiation for our skin to make vitamin D.

It’s very tricky to get Vitamin D through food, so the NHS recommends vitamin D dietary supplements alongside the few foods that do contain Vitamin D (oily fish, red meat, eggs, fortified foods).


Probiotics are useful for a number of different problems from IBS to mental health, but they also have a use for runners too.

These live bacteria and yeast supplements improve gut health by restoring the natural balance of bacteria in your gut.

Gut bacteria is often thrown off by illness, poor diet, antibiotics, treatments, stress or not getting enough sleep.

When you’re a runner, you can’t stop for constant bathroom breaks if you’ve got a dodgy stomach – so probiotics can help to fix any digestive issues.

On top of that, probiotics ensure your digestive system is healthy and ensure you can take in all the vitamins and nutrients you need.

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