BBC host 'breaks impartiality rules' after being 'so gleeful' that Boris quit No10 race

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BBC presenter Martine Croxall was introducing her news segment when she could not contain her excitement amid rapid developments in the Tory leadership race, with Boris Johnson dropping out of the race at the last minute. The beaming news anchor said: “Well, this is all very exciting, isn’t it? Am I allowed to be this gleeful? Well, I am!” Later in the segment, she could be heard giggling and interrupted one of her guests: “Sorry! I shouldn’t probably. “I’m probably breaking some sort of terrible due impartiality rule by giggling.”


Parliamentary journalist Tony Grew was reacting to Boris Johnson dropping out of the race and speaking of the prospect of a General Election. 

But he was cut short as the BBC presenter could not stop laughing. 

As Ms Croxall apologised, Mr Grew said: “That’s alright.

“I keep on making you laugh. I’m sorry.”


The BBC presenter’s giggles prompted a torrent of mixed reactions on Twitter, with some BBC viewers reportedly complaining to Ofcom after the apparent breach of a BBC rule.

Nick Timothy said: “Whatever you think of Johnson, if you care about the BBC you cannot think this is in any way acceptable from one of its presenters.”

The Telegraph’s Breaking News Editor Gareth Davies tweeted: “The news broke just minutes earlier that Boris Johnson had pulled out of the race to become PM.

“Some viewers said they’ve complained to Ofcom claiming it breaches BBC impartiality.”


Ben Obese-Jecty tweeted: “Martine Croxall is rightly being pilloried for this partisan display of giddy excitement as News broke of Boris Johnson dropping out of the Leadership contest. This lapse of impartiality and professionalism illustrates why so many accuse the BBC of bias.”

Shahryar Sultan said: “BBC presenter Martine Croxall was clearly quite excited at the fact Boris Johnson decided not to run for Prime Minister Despite the BBC saying they are impartial She said This is all very exciting isnt it am I allowed to be this gleeful.”

While Mahyar Tousi said “Biased BBC presenter celebrates Boris Johnson pulling out of the Tory leadership election”, the Daily Express’ Royal reporter Richard Palmer said: “She is just expressing excitement about a big story, high drama close to the newspaper deadlines!”

 KS-24-7-365 s: “Martine Croxall’s normally a pretty decent, and likeable, news presenter – not sure what she was being gleeful about, but doesn’t seem like a big deal (on this particular occasion). I could be wrong, of course….”

Patrick O’Flynn tweeted: “Unbelievable display of partiality from the BBC on news that Johnson is not going to be PM. “Am I allowed to be this gleeful? Well, I am.” No, you are not allowed if you expect to work for a licence fee funded undertaking.”

Maxie’s Tweets defended the presenter, saying: “Except that Martine Croxall makes no reference to Johnson pulling out. Does she?”


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