Bank holiday weekend opening hours full list – Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Asda, Sainsbury's & more

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Bank holiday weekend will provide people with their second mini-holiday since mid-April on May 2. The Early May bank holiday would traditionally fall on May 1, but given the date is a Sunday this year, the Government has pushed it back. Many shops will shut their doors for the day or reduce their opening hours, with supermarkets among them.


Tesco bank holiday hours vary by store type, with Express and Extra locations operating on different schedules.

Express stores will stick to their usual schedules, opening from the early hours of 6am until 11pm.

Their Extra counterparts will observe Sunday hours when they open at 10am and close at 4pm.

These times may vary depending on the area, so people should use the Tesco store locator to check ahead of any grocery rounds.


Like Tesco, Sainsbury’s opening hours vary by area, but the shops have general operating times.

On Early May bank holiday, people can expect most locations to open for 12 hours, from 8am to 8pm.

People can check whether this is the case for theirs via the Sainsbury’s store locator site.


The majority of Asda locations should open for roughly 13 hours on the Early May bank holiday.

Most will open at 7am and close around 8pm, following general weekday hours.

But, again, these could easily vary by area, as on Sundays, locations will often open at 11am and close at 5pm.


Lidl has opted to slightly reduce its opening hours on the Early May bank holiday.

Shoppers will have 12 hours instead of the usual 14, with locations open between 8am and 8pm in many cases.

People should check where they can, as Lidl shops occasionally operate from 10am to 8pm.


Aldi is among shops unlikely to reduce their opening times by much come the Early May bank holiday.

Most locations should stay open for around 12 hours, opening at 8am and closing by 10pm.

Shoppers should check with Aldi’s store locator before venturing out, as those times may vary.


Morrisons likely won’t see much disruption to its usual operating hours come bank holiday Monday.

Most shops should open between 7am and 8pm, giving people a 13-hour shopping window.

Morrisons also has a store finder for anyone who wants to check ahead of their visit.


Waitrose is likely to reduce its hours on May 2 down to around nine.

Early May bank holiday will see many locations open from 9am and close by 6pm.

Most stores will follow these hours, but there could be outliers, so people should also check its store locator.


Most M&S branches follow slightly reduced hours during bank holiday weekends.

From May 2, some stores may open from 8am to 6pm, but there are no countrywide guarantees.

Those hoping to pick up a packet of Percy Pigs for the long weekend will want to check with the M&S store locator first.


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