Bank holiday traffic chaos expected with motorists urged to avoid driving at certain times

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The RAC expects bank holiday Monday to see the largest number of individual leisure journeys, with 3.3 million motorists hitting the road. A further 5.6 million will be taken on Saturday and Sunday with drivers planning on taking an additional 5.6 million trips at some point between today and Monday.

The impact of high petrol and diesel prices, however, looks certain to have an impact on just how big a “May Day getaway” it will be.

Around 14 percent of motorists say they’re not planning a leisure trip this weekend specifically because of fuel prices.

This has risen dramatically since Easter when only six percent of drivers said they would avoid a leisure trip over the extended weekend.

The RAC said this indicates how the cost-of-living crisis is starting to have an impact on how people spend their leisure time.

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Rod Dennis, RAC traffic spokesperson, warned drivers they could face plenty of traffic as they look to get away.

He said: “Easter might only have been a couple of weeks ago, but it looks as though plenty of drivers are still looking to make the most of this May Day bank holiday.

“We expect routes to classic tourist hotspots – especially the coasts – to clog up on Friday afternoon and through Saturday morning, although according to our research Monday could turn out to be the busiest day of the long weekend.

“Preparation is paramount though to avoid an inconvenient breakdown at the side of the road – it’s a fact that the majority of the jobs our patrols will attend this weekend will be avoidable if drivers spend just a little time checking their vehicles are ‘road-ready’. 

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“A quick look under the bonnet to check oil and coolant levels, as well as ensuring tyres are properly inflated and are in good condition could save hours of hassle at the side of the road.”

This comes as new data suggests that nearly 80 percent of journeys this weekend will be between three and six hours long.

It is feared that this will increase the risk of reckless driving as drivers could become tired and lose their concentration when at the wheel.

Because of this, motorists are being urged to avoid driving between 8am and 10am and between 4pm and 7pm.

It is expected that these will be the busiest times on the UK roads, with long traffic expected, in addition to the risk of more accidents.

Bryn Brooker, head of road safety at Nextbase, said: “We know that motorists are going to feel a lot more anxious about getting out on the roads over the May Bank Holiday weekend.

“There are precautions and safety measures every motorist can take to ensure they stay safe whilst driving.

“Motorists need to protect themselves from dangerous and reckless drivers. 

“Installing a dash cam and submitting any video recordings of dangerous driving behaviours will help police across the UK crack down on these illegal behaviours behind the wheel.”

There are further warnings for drivers potentially breaking the law by using their mobile phone.

Data suggests that 47 percent of drivers still think it’s okay to use their phone while driving, despite laws being toughened last month.

If caught using a mobile phone at the wheel, drivers will receive six penalty points and a £200 fine.

In certain cases where the driver is taken to court, they can be banned from driving or riding and get a maximum fine of £1,000 or £2,500 if they are driving a lorry or bus.


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