Baking soda cleaning hack for ‘hard and crunchy’ towels – ‘left with soft towels’

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After a long period of time, once soft and silky towels can become hard and crunchy. Overuse and poor washing techniques can to the fabric losing their fluffiness. Now, Nick Drewe, a trends and money saving expert from voucher code site WeThrift, has shared how to get towels feeling and smelling fresh again using baking soda.

Baking soda is not only in most households but it can make a house shine without breaking the bank on expensive cleaning products.

Nick said to make towels soft again, they first need to be washed twice before baking soda is used.

He explained to “If your towels have started to smell or have turned hard and crunchy, simply wash them twice on your usual towel setting.

“The first time with one cup of white vinegar diluted with hot water in the drawer.

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Experts suggest using white vinegar once every six weeks to soften them.

The vinegar works to remove the soapy residue that’s left on the towel.

This will also improve how absorbent they are.

Tennis balls or tumble dryer balls can also be used to remove lumps from towels while also softening them.


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