'Back and forth!' Biden braces for 'red wave' in midterms as high inflation grips America

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Joe Biden’s White House administration has lowered its earlier optimism about next month’s midterm elections as Democrats could now suffer defeat in the Senate and House of Representatives. Recent opinion polls have indicated that GOP candidates have chipped away at once comfortable leads in certain Democrat-leaning states as inflation continues to pinch American pockets.

Consumer prices in America rose more than expected in September even though it was marginally down compared to the previous month at 8.2 percent.

Analysis conducted by the polling website FiveThirtyEight suggests that it is a “dead heat” in the Senate, with Mr Biden’s party “slightly ahead”.

But key races in Georgia and Pennsylvania are currently on a knife edge.

Republicans have been given a four-in-five chance of taking the House, according to FiveThirtyEight.

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Biden allies and advisers had previously predicted the Democrats to hold onto the House earlier this year.

Losing control of Congress could alter the way in which Biden’s White House operates.

Republicans could move to block legislation on family leave, abortion, policing, immigration and spending.

GOP lawmakers are also expected to launch a probe into Democratic spending and Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

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