‘Avoid white!’ Interior design expert says ‘greige paint is best' colour for walls

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“Homeowners should always prep their surface; this means giving it a thorough clean with sugar soap or warm water with washing up liquid, being sure to remove any lurking cobwebs in the corners and any dust gathered on the skirting boards. 

“Next, fix imperfections, nail holes, scratches and dents with an interior wall filler. 

“Scrape the excess with a scraper until even and leave it to dry. 

“Once dry, sand until smooth and wipe once more with a clean damp cloth.

“This will give you a perfect surface to paint on,” he added. 

“When painting, start from the top down. 

“So, if you are painting your ceiling too, start with this. 

“Use decorator’s tape to mark off edges if you are not confident about cutting in. 

“When you have finished the edge you are painting be sure to remove the tape before the paint is completely dry and at an angle.”


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