Australia’s Moving Industry, Riddled with Backyard Operators

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furniture removalists
furniture removalists

Moving houses is always an emotional and stressful experience, but it’s made all that much worse when you have to pay extra for your move. In fact, many people are left with damaged goods or unpaid rent because their furniture removalists didn’t show up on time–or at all!

The number of unlicensed backyard businesses in this Australia has led not just consumers getting ripped off by licensed ones who charge too much, there’s also risk involved if these backyard movers don’t turn out as promised without having insurance coverage like larger companies do.

A woman moved from Melbourne to Brisbane after her movers repeatedly failing to show up on numerous occasions. She discovered that the removal company she had booked and paid for two days later that they were late. She was charged additional rent for not vacating at the time agreed upon.

She said, “They kept telling me they would be there in 2 hours, in 1 hour but never showed up.”

An elderly man from Joondalup reported that his backloading company he had contracted did not arrive after his moved from Eden Hill’s in Adelaide to Joondalup. One month before his move date, he paid full price for the service. He had to pay an additional company several business days after for separate service. The 68-year-old man stated that he had to pay twice.

The Australian Furniture Removers Association is a governing body for the furniture industry. They accredit those who meet certain criteria, even if you don’t have access to proper equipment or vehicles- as long as your training meets internationally recognised standards.

The furniture removal industry is not regulated in Australia. Anyone could buy a truck and start advertising their services, without needing any training or qualifications to show. It is the reason why fair trading continues to receive complaints.

Some of the most common complaints they receive are:

-Companies are not showing up

-Removalists extorting goods in ransom

-Damages or low-ball rates


Fair Trading stipulates that removalists must comply with the Australian Consumer Law, (ACL) “as with all Australian companies”

“Consumers who have paid for a service who do not end up receiving are entitled to get a full refund.”

The Aim of a Great Furniture Removalist

Ability to offer a wide range of services. This can include taking away unwanted items, clearing your attic, garage, or basement, and determining the disposition of unwanted items. In addition to providing quality services, a good removalist can manage negative feedback and accommodate your needs.

Provide great customer service. Good customer service will allow prospective clients to understand how much the company values its clients. Professional house movers should be able to respond quickly and courteously to queries. Avoid a company with rude employees, and ask for recommendations before making a decision.

Should be insured and licensed. Insurance protects your belongings and helps ease your mind if anything gets damaged. A licensed and insured company will also ensure that your items are safe during the move. If anything happens to your furniture during the move, you will be able to claim compensation. Choosing a professional furniture mover will also save you time and energy. A good moving company will also offer a guarantee of their work.

Be upfront and transparent about pricing. The price of the services they offer will depend on the type of removal you need, and the scope of the project. Some companies may offer free quotes, while others charge per item or truckload. However, before making a final decision, you should get at least three quotes. You should also check whether the quotes include goods and services tax and if any additional fees will be added.

Furniture removal can be a stressful event. Moving large pieces of furniture can be difficult and requires heavy lifting and knowledge of the area where you live. Furniture removalists use special tools and equipment to ensure that your furniture is moved without damage. A professional will also be able to recommend things to help you make the move as easy as possible

Furniture removal companies can also offer recycling and re-homing services for unwanted items. Many of them will detail their disposal methods on their websites. Many of these companies have relationships with donation and recycling centers in your area. Choosing a furniture removal company that cares about environmental responsibility is vital.

Hiring an expert furniture removal company is a good idea if you don’t have the time or resources to transport all your household belongings. Professional removalists will take the stress off of your shoulders. The staff will do a safe and reliable job, and you’ll enjoy the freedom that comes with hiring a professional. You need to ensure that the company has years of experience and will be able to deliver your furniture items safely.

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