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Australia in crisis as worst-ever rat plague savages crops and drives farmers berserk


Farmers in New South Wales have demanded more money from Australia’s Government as they try to deal with an ongoing rat infestation. Shocking video footage has begun circulating on social media showing mice pouring out from a grain silo, emphasising the magnitude of the problem. Farmers of New South Wales have asked for $25,000 to deal with the issue per farm.

This has become an ongoing problem for many farms over the last few months across the state.

However, New South Wales Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall insisted they did not have the money to address the issue.

Mr Marshall has also faced some backlash after comments made regarding a meeting with NSW farmers.

Farmers and rural advocates visited the NSW Parliament on Tuesday to brief the Government on the issue but no ministers or Government MPs attended.

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When asked about his failure to attend, Mr Marshall accused the farmers of not wanting to solve the issue.

He said: “I met with NSW Farmers late last week.

“Not only did they refuse to move today’s meeting so government MPs could attend but were also adamant a $25,000 subsidy was not the most effective way forward.

“I find it very strange that if you were actually trying to engage with the Government you would schedule a meeting you knew they could not attend.

The statement read: “Suggestions that this was politically motivated are offensive to the families, businesses and communities who are enduring immense stress and hardship in the face of unprecedented mouse numbers.

“Our members travelled a long way to share their stories of the appalling impact the plague is having on their farms, in their homes and to their livelihood.”

Earlier, a spokeswoman for NSW Farmers added: “Minister Marshall and his office indicated to NSW Farmers up until the day prior he would be attending.

“We have been trying to engage with the government on this issue for several months, so of course we would have moved the meeting to facilitate their attendance had we been asked.”

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