Atletico Madrid star Felipe leaves Phil Foden with bandage on head – but escapes yellow

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Atletico Madrid star Felipe escaped a yellow card despite clattering Phil Foden during Wednesday night’s Champions League clash. The duo both went for a header in the early stages of the contest. But despite the Brazilian clearly committing a dangerous challenge, he was given the benefit of the doubt.

Atletico Madrid and Manchester City were fighting to face Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals.

And Felipe was involved in some early controversy when he clattered into Foden during the opening moments of the match.

The Atletico star escaped a yellow card, however, despite leaving his City opponent on the floor with blood coming from his head.

Foden was bandaged up and given the green light to play on.

But supporters on Twitter believe Felipe was lucky to escape without a booking, with one user saying: “Foden getting his head strapped up. Absolutely brutal from Felipe. Bottled by the referee.”

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“How was that not a yellow card? Brutal and cynical from Felipe on Foden,” said another.

“No booking for Felipe, while Phil Foden is having his head bandaged due to bleeding following the challenge. Yes… NO BOOKING,” were the words of another account.

“So that challenge by Felipe on Foden is ok? Just a foul, no yellow. Wow,” opined another.

And a fifth said: “That’s a cowardly ‘challenge’ by Felipe on Foden. Baffled how he’s not been booked there.”

City are 1-0 up from the first leg.

But they’ll have to be at their best to beat Atletico again, who have previously made finals in 2014 and 2016.

Speaking before the match, Atletico boss Diego Simeone hit back after Pep Guardiola mentioned there being ‘prehistory’ involved.

Guardiola had said: “They have gone 5-5-0. Two lines of five.

“And in prehistory, today and in a hundred thousand years, attacking a 5-5 is very difficult.

“It is that there is no space. Apart from the fact that they are very competitive and defend very well, there is no space.”

And Simeone hit back by saying: “I train since 2005 or 2006 and until today and I have never despised a colleague of mine.

“I always put myself in his place and I understand that there are different ways of expressing what he feels and lives.

“When one despises a colleague, I do not share it.

“Later, journalists and former players, of someone who hasn’t played for a long time and wants to say something different… the fish dies through the mouth, my father used to say.

“We can all have an opinion, but among colleagues we all have ways, I always respect my colleagues, always always.”


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