'Arthur' is (sob) over after 25 years. The people behind the cartoon aardvark say goodbye.

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  • The last four new “Arthur” episodes air this week on PBS. We’ll be over here getting all emotional.
  • The longest-running animated children’s show revolved around a kid insecure about his aardvark nose.
  • “Arthur” dove into serious topics such as divorced parents, same-sex marriage and memory loss.
  • “In many ways, he helped us all grow up,” says “Arthur” creator Marc Brown.

Long before Arthur became a children’s television treasure, he was an aardvark with nose insecurities in a popular book series.

But in 1996, author and illustrator Marc Brown turned “Arthur” into what eventually became the longest-running animated children’s TV series. With more than 200 episodes spanning 25 years on PBS, “Arthur” touched the lives of several generations, from Gen X parents who watched with their millennial children to Gen Z youngsters who can recognize traces of the show with internet memes. 

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