Andrew Marr exposes key obstacle to Boris Johnson returning as PM: 'Hanging over him'

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Boris Johnson could lose his chance to return to Number 10 over the privileges committee’s investigation, Andrew Marr warned. The former Prime Minister could be found to have lied to Parliament by the privileges committee over the Partygate scandal at the very beginning of his premiership – if elected. If the probe rules he has breached the ministerial code, Mr Johnson will be suspended for at least 10 sitting days and will have to face a by-election in his Uxbridge constituency, which he would most likely lose as well as the premiership.

The former BBC Political Editor told LBC: “I simply don’t think he’s somebody who can unite the Tory Party at this stage. 

“Even if he’s a winner, even if they enjoy his rambunctious confirmation and all the rest of it – and this personality. 

“Finally, of course, there is that privileges committee thing hanging over him. Did he lie to Parliament?

“If they conclude he had, he will have to resign his seat. There will be a by-election in Uxbridge, which is almost certain he’ll lose.”

Mr Marr asked: “What happens then?

“So, all those Tories who think what we need now is calm, measured, serious government for a couple of years to steady the markets – do all we have to do in terms of tax rises and cuts and so forth as cleverly and carefully as we can – and inch forward to an election we can actually win. 

“Boris doesn’t really offer them any of that.”

If re-elected Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s longevity in the highest office of the land would hang in the balance.

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