American Football Compared To Canadian Football

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American Football
American Football

Not to be confused with the international definition of football, or “soccer” as we call it, football is a team sport played by two teams of players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end. The objective is to score by advancing the ball into the opposing team’s goal, or between the opponent’s goalposts, through the use of plays designed to advance the ball downfield and prevent an opposing player from scoring.

This North American pastime is one of the continent’s most defining attributes of its culture, the origin of which dates all the way back to the 1870s. Football actually stems from rugby, which was first brought to Canada’s Montreal by British soldiers. These soldiers would then teach the game to local Canadian university students who would go on to introduce it to more students in the United States of America.

But even though American and Canadian football share the same seminal history, there are several key differences between the way the sport is played in either country. Are you aware of the distinctions between American football and Canadian football? If not, this article is bound to get you up to speed.

The Key Differences

American and Canadian football share the same origin story but either country’s regulations and rules surrounding the sport have been developing independently from one another for over a hundred years.

The first notable difference between the two versions of the sport is that Canadian football is played using twelve people per team as opposed to America’s eleven. This may seem like a negligible difference until you consider just how much the addition of a twelfth player alters the layout of scrimmages, offensives, and defenses.

A core difference between the regulations of either version has to do with the amount of downs present. While the Canadian version has a total of 3 downs, the American version features 4. This means that Canadian football tactics are far more centered around passing and kicking. Kickers can also recover their kicks before advancing them.

The most considerable distinction between the two types of football has to do with the aspect ratio of the pitch. In the USA’s version of the game, fields are 100 yards long and 53⅓ yards wide. In the Canadian version of the sport, the fields they play on are 110 yards long with a width of 65 yards. The end zones of these larger fields are also a bit deeper with the goal posts being situated at the front of these end zones.

Beyond these differences, there is not much else that fundamentally differs between either version of football. Small differences between American and Canadian football include things like game time, uniform regulations, and scoring.

Which Is Better?

So, do these key differences make either one the better sport? No, both sports are equally as entertaining to play and rewarding to watch as claiming a Big Dollar Casino code. However, the American NFL does have a bigger budget than Canada’s footballing league, suggesting a higher production value for fans.

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