Abbott: Biden rescinding Title 42 could result in annual illegal migration 'twice the size of Houston'

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott warned on “Special Report” that the already constant deluge of illegal immigrants could hit record numbers by the end of the year if President Biden rescinds Title 42.

Abbott cited recent statistics, telling “Special Report” the 1.6 million apprehensions during Biden’s tenure to date is more people than live in Dallas or San Antonio.

“And that does not count all the people who were not apprehended,” he added. “If Title 42 is removed, according to the Biden administration, it would mean 18,000 people a day coming across the border.”


Joe Biden/Greg Abbott

Joe Biden/Greg Abbott

Calculating that into an annual figure, the governor projected the amount of illegal immigrants would double the current population of the state’s largest city, Houston.

“There’s no way the United States is going to be able to assimilate or deal with all of these people who are rushing across the border constantly,” he said. “And that’s the problem we have down there. The Border Patrol are outmanned.”

With the Border Patrol being overwhelmed, he noted how Texas DPS and National Guard have been called upon to do their best to respond to the surge.


Pharr Bridge delays (Michael Gonzalez/Getty Images)

Pharr Bridge delays (Michael Gonzalez/Getty Images)

Abbott defended Texas against criticisms over the state’s secondary inspection of transnational truck traffic from Mexico, telling anchor Bret Baier that while there may have been some economic cost to the delays to both nations and private interests, Biden’s open border crisis is costing every taxpayer as well.

“How much does it costing to house to feed, to take care of the medical expenses, to educate the more than two million people who’ve come across the border simply under the Biden administration alone? –What is a life worth of all the people who are dying from federal that it’s coming across the border?” he asked.

President Obrador

Abbott said that Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador can also take further action on his side of the Rio Grande to stem the tide of illegals.

“I am doing using every tool I can because the Biden administration is not doing their job,” he said, adding he will consider restarting the secondary inspections if neither administration steps up and takes substantive action.


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