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A new Trump book is disturbing but entertaining — and maybe that’s a problem


“Landslide” is told through sources within the Trump White House and reelection campaign, people with a vested interest in laundering their reputation through Wolff. And Wolff seems happy to oblige, adding bleach to the whites. He accepts the narrative of aides who present themselves as “the self-appointed adults in the room” and claim to have a taming influence on Trump’s wilder instincts. “Hence,” Wolff writes, channeling the thoughts of these people, “you wanted to be there to guide him away from the people who might otherwise encourage his fire and fury.” Fighting valiantly against other malignant actors were the normies who were shocked to be in this position, appalled by the president and those who encouraged him. As Rudy Giuliani appeared at a now-infamous news conference, hair dye running in a blood-like rivulet down his ear and neck, Wolff writes, “Some White House aides, in trying to understand how they’d gotten here, would agree that the tale of the frog in the pot of slowly heating water might describe their situation: somehow they did not realize they were being boiled alive. But now they knew, and nearly all marked Rudy’s hair dye press conference as the moment when they could no longer, in any fashion, deny that the Cartesian world had ended.”

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