105 people diagnosed with rare cancers are allegedly linked to a NJ high school, survivor seeks answers

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Environmental scientist and cancer survivor Al Lupiano shares his quest to find answers after he, his wife, and sister were all diagnosed with rare cancers on ‘Lawrence Jones Cross Country.’

AL LUPIANO: So I started this about seven months ago. Soon after, my sister was diagnosed with glioblastoma, the very same day my wife was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, which is a benign brain tumor. And coincidentally, I have an acoustic neuroma. So it was pretty much that day in August where all of this kind of hit me like a bolt of lightning that we have a problem here. And I started on my search then of trying to figure out how extensive the problem was and asking people if they knew anybody with a brain tumor. And here we are today with one hundred and five people.

Right now, we’re still searching for answers. I don’t like speculating. My prime candidate right now is radiological issues, whether it’s a nuclear source, whether it’s contamination from a nuclear rock, or whether it’s radon. We’re looking at radiological information right now.



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